Friday, February 24, 2012

Atheism for Lent

For the next 7 weeks of lent, The Pub Church will be entering a season of doubt. For seven weeks we will intentionally consider the possibility of being wrong about what we believe. What if every time we affirm God, Goddess, Spirit, Divine, we simultaneously affirm something less than God? What if the God we affirm, whoever She is, is always a delusion formed from the materials of our imagination and desires? During Atheism for Lent, we will allow ourselves to sit with this possibility and allow ourselves to experience the absence of God. God is not with us. We will not pray.

Atheism for Lent is created and inspired by Peter Rollins. He is known for saying, "To believe is human. To doubt, divine." He offers us an invitation to hold our convictions lightly and be willing to judge and interrogate ourselves. This is what we are doing at the pub church during the next seven week. May we recognize and remember our own experiences of the absence of the presence of God.