Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to The Pub Church's Blog!

We basically needed a way to share up-to-date info on the happenings of The Pub Church (TPC) without bombarding folks with too many emails...So here it is, a blog to serve the purpose! This will be the place you can come to and get the "latest"!

For example, here's some of the latest:

At our next gathering of TPC - Saturday, May 3rd at The DougOut - Andrew Prete will be providing the musical inspiration! All I can tell you about him is that I saw him playing in the Orange Line (if I remember correctly - it was a while back!), he was singing one of my favorite songs, The Weight , by The Band, and I immediately thought that it would be awesome if we could have him play at pub church one day - And now he is! Yay :-)

Also, last week at TPC we decided to help out a family who just recently arrived from Cuba. As with most people who leave Cuba, they arrived in this country with nothing more than what they were wearing. So people who were able shared from their resources and this week I mailed off a card to the family with our gift to them. I'll let you all know what I hear back!

Here's a picture, but of course I wrote the card in Spanish.

So, there it is, our blog with the latest! Enjoy and come often!

Update: Andrew Prete's website!